Land Chronicle

Trade to Earn



Through a strategic partnership with ApolloX, which is invested by Binance Labs, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, it provides BSC-based its own order book DEX(Decentralized EXchange).
You can trade by connecting cryptocurrency wallets such as Metamask without a complicated signup process, and 100% of the fee income generated from the transaction is provided as a benefit to the Lander.
We will hold an investment competition for professional coin investors and provide trading support vouchers for beginners. You can also use LCG to get a discount on trading fees. To implement the Multi-Chain strategy, we will create a bridge between Klaytn-based LCG and BSC-based LAND-EX, so that LAND-EX can also benefit from using LCG.
Trading fees incurred in LAND-EX will be used for buybacks and burns of LCG, as well as benefits will be provided for the Landholders.
LCG and APX are mined when you trade on the LAND-EX.

· Benefits for Users

Trade to Earn
  • In the LAND-EX, LCG and APX are mined through the Trade-Mining. (If the APX obtained by the user through LAND-EX trading is left unclaimed for more than 30 days, the platform will destroy the full amount of the unclaimed APX.)
  • FX margin system trading is operated with a total of $40,000.
  • All proceeds from FX margin system trading will be used as funds for the Land Chronicle ecosystem.
  • We use FP Markets as a broker, which was established in Sydney, Australia in 2005 after receiving a financial services license from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).